Apple II hacking

Hi. My name is Stephen and I have an unhealthy obsession with a 40-year-old antique computer.

Look, let me explain. The first computer I ever used, waaaay back in elementary school, was an Apple II+. It beat a Timex Sinclair for that honor by less than an hour. That must have been fate in action, because something clicked and then something stuck. What followed were a series of Apple computers that came to define both my childhood and my burgeoning interest in technology.

These days it’s essentially impossible for one person to understand the entirety of a modern computer’s operation, from GUI all the way down to the metal. But that’s not the case for the machines that kicked-off this whole revolution. That—and nostalgia—is why retrocomputing is one of my hobbies.

Thanks to the ongoing interest of weirdos like me there are plenty of interesting new add-ons for Apple’s classic computers which make it possible to do everything from playing quadraphonic sound to connecting to the Internet. The Apple IIGS is even capable of running a UNIX-like operating system complete with pre-emptive multitasking.

I’ll be using this page to document some of my retrocomputing experiments and findings. It may even turn into a blog...

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