Stephen Hood

Founder — Technologist — Tinkerer


I’m a veteran product manager, designer, executive, engineer, entrepreneur, teacher, and consultant. Based in Silicon Valley, my experience spans business and consumer software, mobile applications, gaming, educational technology, and the Web.

Currently CEO and Co-founder of Storium and StoriumEdu, I was previously Co-founder of Blockboard, Director of Product Management for Web 2.0 pioneer, Senior Product Manager for Yahoo! Search, and Product Manager for BEA WebLogic. I also currently teach a course in product management at Product School.

I’m a strong believer in both the power of technology to make life better and the responsibility technologists bear for how it is used. I try my best to work on things that bring social benefit. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, music, gaming, reading, writing, travel, and the company of house pets.


Featured client: Mozilla

In 2018 I was retained by Firefox maker Mozilla for a deep, multi-month engagement to spearhead the development of an entirely new line of business within Mozilla. I had responsibility for strategy, partner selection, product definition and delivery. This engagement resulted in significant impact to Mozilla’s internal priorities and long-term strategy.

Separately from my entrepreneurial work with Storium and StoriumEdu, I am also a product management consultant focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on Web products and services. With over 15 years of PM experience, I’ve worked with companies both large and small on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. I’m based in the Bay Area but commonly take on both local and remote projects.

If you’d like to discusss a consulting opportunity with me, please reach out.

Product definition

Help you figure out what your product should be and do, and then turn those insights into clear, concise specifications that your team can actually use.


Take on full management of your product development team and help them bring their project over the finish line both successfully and efficiently.


Look beyond features and short-term thinking to craft a strategy for your product’s long-term success.

UX design

Design or rework your product’s user experience. Create wireframes to guide designers and engineers.

User research

Conduct user interviews and analysis to help you better understand your users and what they want.

Project rescue

Dig into a problem project, assess its challenges, and provide recommendations on how to fix it.